An Anxious Accountant….

Feels like you are treading on eggshells every time you need to discuss fees with clients or prospects…

It’s a horrible feeling…

  • Will they accept the new charges?
  • Will they see the added value you have been delivering for the last three years but never charging for?
  • Does the client realise you have worked weekends to get the work done?
  • Are they aware how much time you spend cleaning up their files?
  • Do they know what you actually do?
  • Should you tell them how much time you spend talking to the Tax Office for them?
  • What if they leave you for another accountant?

The anxious accountant dreams of having more ideal clients who understand the value, appreciated the inputs, want the advisory and even better will happily pay handsomely for it!

The anxious accountant also wonders… how can that other accountant down the road be charging 10x more for the same service?

The answer is simple – the accountant down the road is doing something that very few accountants know how to do well…

….Communicating Their Value

Not selling their value…. COMMUNICATING their value.

There is a massive difference between an accountant who tries to sell their value and one who communicates it.

When an accountant is adept at communicating value, the clients never question price.

When an accountant is proficient at communicating value not only do they attract high value clients, they convert high value clients…. FAST!

>>> The secret is in their message… and their messaging is consistent across everything they do.

Some call it the MILLION DOLLAR MESSAGE, others call it the Unique Selling Proposition, others call it the Value Proposition.

Regardless…When an accountant knows how to craft their MESSAGE they also learn how to communicate value and when they learn how to communicate value they start attracting and winning high value clients.

… and, up-selling existing low value clients into higher value packages.

As a typical overworked accountant you will…

  • Have too many low value clients who consume time and energy
  • Keep attracting low value clients who only care about price
  • Feel like you are working for free for far too many hours a week
  • Be tired of having to tread on eggshells when communicating fees with clients
  • Wish you could implement a 20% increase each year… not just 4%

This is not how a settled accountant should be running their business. An accountant needs to be 100% clear on the value they offer, who that value benefits the most and why. When an accountant can answer that, they step closer to being able to attract far higher value clients.


One way to start narrowing down to a core message that resonates with an accountants ideal client is to identify current clients that they would like more of. Simple really.

  • What clients do they enjoy working with?
  • What type of work do they enjoy doing?
  • What results do they get that are worth bragging about?
  • What business pain do they commonly experience?
  • What process do they use to solve that problem/pain?
  • Who else would fit that mould?
  • Where do we find more of them?
  • Who else deals with them and can introduce me to more of them?

Once you have this clear, then understanding your message to communicate with your target audience becomes a lot clearer and communicating value becomes far easier.

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