Growing A Profitable
Fee Base…

…Starts Here!

Growing A
Profitable Fee Base…

…Starts Here!

Extraordinary Results Without Extraordinary Effort!

The 80/20 Accountant lives and breathes Pareto’s 80/20 Principle and knows how to generate exponential growth.

The 80/20 Accountant stands out because they:

1: Deliver higher value

2: Charge higher fees

3: Get consistently higher quality referrals

4: Use higher converting offers that clients find irresistible… and

5: Never suffer from scope creep

The 80/20 Accountant refuses to buy into the race to the bottom and looks down smugly on the price cutting compliance robots of yesteryear… they simply refuse to buy into ‘client price sensitivity!’

If you are working less but earning more… then you are an 80/20 Accountant

If clients never challenge your price… then you are an 80/20 Accountant

If you can pick and choose your clients… then you are an 80/20 Accountant

The 80/20 Accountant gets extraordinary results without extraordinary effort.

We create 80/20 Accountants

Free Marketing Road Map For Your Accounting Practice

The Accountants Marketing Road Map

Marketing Road Map revealing a simple step-by-step process for marketing specifically for accountants.


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Richard Petrie
Creator of The FISH Client Attraction System For Accountants

Former International Cricketer, Richard has been helping professionals in the accounting industry around the world for over 12 years by sharing his knowledge and experience on how to attract leads and convert them into high paying advisory clients.

Richard is the author of What To Do If Your Marketing Sucks and is regularly sought after to speak at corporate events and was recently the guest speaker at Deloitte in NZ where he talked about resilience and mental toughness.

Richard has spent years studying the psychology of how and why people buy and in this webinar he will show you exactly what works and why.

You will love what he has to say.

Darren Eagle
Sales Mentor

Darren is a highly respected sales mentor and coach in the accounting industry who specialises in coaching accountants how to sell, without sounding ‘salesy’.

Between April 2014 and March 2016 Darren worked inside what became the fastest growing accountancy firm in Australasia (at the time) as their Head Of Sales Coaching & Marketing.

During that time the company experienced a 400% lift in client growth and were largely recognised as being the pioneers of cloud accounting and original disrupter of the industry.

Darren has hands on experience implementing what Richard teaches and combines Richard’s marketing knowledge with his sales skills to provide accounting firms with measurable sales and marketing success.

In 2012 Darren wrote the workbook Engaging Sales Success for non-sales people who still have to sell.

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